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Pathogens, disease-causing microorganisms including fungi, bacteria and protozoa, are associated with increased veterinary costs, poor flock uniformity, increasing concomitant diseases, reduction in enterprise profitability and ultimately with risks to animal welfare and human health.

The solution?
The RBT ProtectUs range significantly reduces the chance of infection AND can reduce the time and cost involved in staying protected. Viridis can be applied to a vast range of applications to reduce viral infection, diseases (such as Bovine TB and Mastisis) and thereby reduce livestock culling.

‘By creating a product that is both effective and kind to the environmnet Residual Barrier Technology have, in my opinion shown true innovation.’
Kevin Hilton
​Senior Technical Manager
Randall Parker Foods


​Your livestock is your life, its health determines the value and sustainability of your farm or smallholding. RBT has been developed to protect the welfare of humans and animals, targetting only harmful bacteria leaving you with healthy, happy herds of cattle, flocks of sheep, gaggles of geese or whatever menagerie you keep.


Keep your stallions, mares and donkeys disease free with RBT.
Effective against equine specific bacteria, viruses and fungi, RBT can be used within stables, riding equipment, transport and animals themselves.


Curious cats, digging dogs or meandering mice, our beloved pets can find themselves in places we’d never think of and end up costing us alot of money. RBT can be used at home or at the vets practice to keep your furry friends squeaking, squawking, barking and talking all day long.



Reptiles, invertebrates, parrots and even the well protected tortoise all require very specific living conditions and infection can be devastating to an individual or family. RBT can be used to keep enclosures free of harmful pathogens and keep your Polly looking pretty for longer.

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