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The World Health Organisation estimate that bacteria, toxins and allergens in food products are responsible for about 23 million cases of illness and 5,000 deaths in Europe annually*. ​

​Any area of food production or processing is at risk of contamination from bacteria, viruses and fungi. The time and cost of keeping food free of contaminants can be enormous, but the consequences of not doing so can be even bigger.

The solution?
RBTs ProtectUs range significantly reduces the chance of infection and cross contamination, plus reduces the time and cost involved in staying protected. The ProtectUs range can be applied to a vast range of environments as a disruptive solution to viruses, bacteria and fungi effecting a total protective disinfection in food & drink market sectors.

‘Our own trial work has shown a step change over traditional chemicals.’
Kevin Hilton
​Senior Technical Manager
Randall Parker Foods


​From farm to fork, RBT solutions are effective in growing salads, fruit and livestock. RBT can protect your animals and crops from infection at every stage including storage and transportation. RBT can also prolong the shelf life of your produce and reduce spoilage and recalls.


Breweries to bottling factories, beer lines to ice dispensers and cooling systems, RBT products have been proven to build efficacy with each application and reduce cleaning costs and control biofilm. RBT can be used alongside a detergent as part of your complete cleaning cycle.


From chicks to broilers, farms to hatcheries, egg production is at constant risk of contamination. RBT have developed solutions to eliminate infections such as Aspergillus Niger, Listeria and Salmonella at every stage of poultry production.



Ready meals, sandwiches, bakeries… food processors need to eliminate infection and downtime. RBT can save an estimated 80% in cost and 90% in time compared to traditional methods at the same time delivering a market leading disinfection solution.

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